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Returns and Exchanges

All items will ship out from our studio in Mississippi.


What is your return policy?

Musee Bath does not accept returns unless the product is damaged or defective within 14 Days. In the event that you do receive a damaged product due to shipping or weather, we will issue a full credit or send you a replacement.

What if I received my product damaged?
For all return or damages requests retail or wholesale,
please email and include an image of your product and the shipping box. 

What should I do if I received the wrong product?

Oops! If you received a product different from the one that you ordered, that is on us! Please contact us at and we will get you your correct product shipped out!

What should I do if I am missing a product in my package?

Oh no! We apologize for this and want to get you your product as soon as possible. Please email with order number and an image of your order and we will get it shipped out! 

 If I order expedited shipping in the afternoon, will it be shipped the next day?

Unfortunately any orders placed after Noon CST, will not be processed until the next business day or two. In busy season, our standard processing / shipping time can be 3 - 4 business days.  


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For any creative requests, please email
For any wholesale requests, please email