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DIY Spa Day with Musee

DIY Spa Day with Musee

DIY Spa Day with Musee

Amanda and Conner here-- and we are going to teach you how to do the ultimate DIY Spa Day at Home! We know tons of people are cooped up inside and need a way to treat themselves so we've gathered up a few tips on how to make the most of your days inside! Let's get to it, girls. 

Step1 : Make some Cucumber Water This will help you stay hydrated throughout the day and it's such a simple way to elevate your day so you'll be feeling like you've spent a day at Canyon Ranch or the Mandarian Oriental. It's as easy as it looks, chop up some fresh cucumbers, drop them in the water, and let it sit in the refrigerater for about 30 minutes to let it infuse.  

Cucumber Water

Step 2 : Draw A Warm Bath Get your robe out, a fresh towel and a pair of slippers and set them by the bath tub for when you get out. 

Step 3 : While the bath is running, start your diffuser and light a candle We are using our White Tea and Aloe candle today because it smells super clean and fresh. We have linked our diffuser here and our essential oil here

Step 4 : Once Tub is filled, Create your bath. We used A Forever Young Bath Balm, fresh herbs like bay leaves and rosemary ( you can find these in the produce section and they are super inexpensive), and some rose petals. All of these things will create a very relaxing but invigorating bath experience. We also recommend our Just Breathe Salt Soak if you don't want to use a bath balm. 

Step 5: Center yourself with a great playlist or some poetry before you get in the bath. We have linked a great Spotify playlist here and a book of poetry from one of our favorite poets, Cleo Wade. 

Step 6: Enjoy yourself! Put your phone down, try to keep out all distractions and really take this extra time for yourself. We've made a video of our spa day and you can watch it here! 

Be sure to drop us a line in the comments if you tried any of these tips for your DIY spa day and tag us on insta @musee_bath and show us your bath creation! 

Amanda + Conner

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