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6 Audiobooks + Podcasts to Listen in the Bath

6 Audiobooks + Podcasts to Listen in the Bath

6 Audiobooks + Podcasts to Listen in the Bath

Written by: Harp Prather  

All right girls, let’s set the scene. It’s been an awfully long day and now – at long last –  you can let your hair down, sit back, and relax. The bath is drawn, the candles are lit, and you can smell the soft scent of lavender and chamomile wafting through the air. Bundled in your comfiest robe, you skim through your phone looking for something to listen to that will set the mood. Of course you can always put on some music and drift off to the classical notes of Vivaldi, the mellow voice of Bublé, or hey, even the timeless sound of AC/DC if you choose to bathe hard. But sometimes the tunes just don’t cut it no matter how catchy they are. So what do we do? Bathe in silence?? Well sure, if you really want to, but there is an alternative option. No, it’s not listening to whale noises on YouTube, we are talking about audiobooks! 
      Life is busy and exhausting, and it’s hard to make time to really become invested in a story. But now that we’re in our fluffy bathrobe and ready to soak in the moment, why not let ourselves get swept into another world? It’s easy to forget how lovely it is to be read to. 
         Here is Musee's list of entertaining, magical, inspiring, educational, and delightful audiobooks that will enhance your bathing experience and pair nicely with our favorite products:
Peter Pan

Faith, trust, and bath balm dust! There is no better escape from reality than the second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning. My obsession with Neverland began with the Disney animated classic, but the book introduces an entirely new level of wonder and charm. It was simply meant to be read aloud. We know it is a children’s book, but that in no way derails from the depth of character exhibited in the Darling children who aren’t quite ready to grow up just yet. Social media wants us to believe that adults have it all together, but the secret truth is that no one really has the hang of life. We’re all just kids that are nervous about tomorrow. This precious story helps to restore that magic of youth, showing that although aging is unavoidable, growing up is a choice. As you let the bath salts carry you away, close your eyes and imagine what it’s like to fly with Peter amidst all the colors and the stars. 
         Recommended Product: Forever Young Bath Soak
The Gown

         Bathe like royalty as you are transported into the heart of British high society. Jennifer Robson’s novel offers a peek behind the curtain of one the most extravagant weddings of all time, the marriage of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II. One of the most iconic and well-known women in history, Queen Elizabeth has reigned over her people for 68 years. As the world’s oldest living monarch, it is easy to forget that she was once a young girl in love, much like anyone else. Those that are fascinated and ensnared by the sovereign lifestyle will adore learning more about a real life fairy tale wedding. Savor the moment with our golden hour bath balm as you picture the moment that the beautiful young future queen walked down the aisle. 

Recommended Bath Balm: Golden Hour


Who doesn’t love a good romance? As the titular character, Emma is all of us in her obsession for getting involved in her friends’ love lives. This story is one of the six major novels written by the unparalleled Jane Austen, who took pleasure in showing that her female protagonists don’t need no man, but they can have one if they want. For bonus points, you can make it a double feature by listening to the audiobook in the bath and then curling up to watch either the 1996 movie adaptation starring Gwyneth Paltrow, or the much looser 1995 movie adaptation, Clueless. And if you truly fall in love, we would recommend also listening to Dear Mr. Knightley, a romantic novel written by Katherine Reay. Nothing puts us in a better mood than hearing about couples coming together. 

Recommended Bath Balm: Better Together

 I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

 “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” Prepare to embark on an emotional journey as you feel the hope and the heartbreak pour out in each word. Maya Angelou was an American treasure and her story is one that speaks volumes to all. Her experiences are still extremely relative in today’s social climate and her appetite for life is infectious. Listening to a real woman tell a real story is a great inspiration as we each write our own life narratives. Angelou was one of the women that we deeply admire at Musee and we chose to recognize her in our Women of Change collection. Her work has left a deep impact and will continue to do so throughout the years.

Recommended Bath Balm: Maya Angelou Women of Change

 Nothing Much Happens 


We almost fell asleep. Think of a mix between bedtime stories and meditation. This podcast tells simple, easy going stories while encouraging listeners to breathe slowly. It is intended to soothe the mind and help you drift off into dreams. We are honestly surprised by how relaxed we felt even within the first five minutes of listening. You might want to set an alarm so that you don’t actually fall asleep in the bath, but this podcast is certainly the ideal option for a late night de-stress session. Paired with one of our Musee Therapy bath balms, you will feel completely at ease as your tension dissipates.  

Recommended Bath Balm: Dreamweaver Bath Balm or Soak

 The History Chicks

Women are so crazy, amazingly cool. We love to study the past and this podcast takes the time to look back and appreciate noteworthy women from the past, examining their contributions to the world’s timeline tapestry. You’ll learn more about the hurdles that girls have had to face, but also realize that despite time gaps of 100 plus years, we are not that different from those that came before. It’s a great opportunity to have both an educational and inspirational bath as you reminisce on how far we’ve come. 

Recommended Bath Balm: Back in Time Balm 

Thanks for reading (and soon to be listening) ! Tune in next time for the best bath tips and recommendations from the Musee team! xoxo


  • Great recommendations! I have heard several of these audio books and think you are spot on. I also recommend including some Musee candles to complete the mood.

    Bruce Harper on

  • Can’t wait to take you up on your suggestions. These sound great! Someone else mentioned Dear Mr. Knightly, so it must be terrific. I love Forever Young! Would write more, but it’s time for a bath!

    Barbara Prather on

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