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Beautiful, cute, gorgeous, pretty. Words describing appearance are abundant. They are treasured as compliments, status labels, and goals to be achieved. If we are pretty, that means something. But what does that mean? 

Prettyinside is our all new, natural skincare line. We sourced the most amazing ingredients to create our masks, with the goal of bringing out the beauty in the natural you. Red wine, rose water, charcoal, and caffeine are a few of the elements that contribute to fresh feeling and dewy glow that each mask brings to your skin. prettyinside products soothe your skin and help you de-stress from day to day life, so that you can always feel like your best self. 

It is easy to accept “pretty” as a surface level description that defines the physical appearance of an individual. But maybe it’s time we look a little deeper. If you watch closely, gaze in, and see beyond the filter, the gloss, the lashes, and the highlights, you’ll see there’s a spark alive beneath it all. That spark is you. From your caring heart to your inquisitive mind, you have an internal fire that is yours alone. It burns beneath the surface. Your beauty isn’t just skin deep. What makes you beautiful isn’t just about the way you look, it’s about who you are. It’s that inner power that radiates through smiles, eyes, and actions— regardless of the image seen in your reflection. 

We created Prettyinside to encourage you to embrace that and remind you that real beauty always starts with what's on the inside. 


A sister brand to Musee, Prettyinside seeks to encourage and applaud the inherent perseverance of women from all walks of life. Prettyinside is rewriting the narrative for what it means to be beautiful. We are standing up, saying that there is so much more to women than just the way we look. We are celebrating the essence of womanhood, reminding girls and women everywhere of the qualities that truly make us beautiful. 

 At Prettyinside, we also want to recognize the bravery of women that have been forced to channel their courage, bet on themselves, and take huge international leaps on behalf of themselves and their families. Over 70 million refugees have fled their home countries and sought to begin anew in foreign states. We are proud to offer support and extended community to these brave women by partnering with World Relief. World Relief is a global humanitarian organization that brings sustainable solutions to the world’s greatest problems – disasters, extreme poverty, violence, oppression, and mass displacement — to bring hope, healing and transformation to the most vulnerable.

(Photo courtesy of World Relief ©Nate Griffin)

Beauty is universal and all women are worthy. When women from all walks of life realize their inherent beauty and self-worth, it is enough to transform someone’s perspective and brighten their complexion from the inside out. That type of joy can spread like wildfire, and we believe in spreading this undeniable beauty and reinforcing the idea of self-worth by contributing a portion of all profits from prettyinside to World Relief to provide the protection and aid of those in need.

(Photo courtesy of World Relief ©Sean Sheridan)

It is an honor to work with and assist our international sisters as they adjust and rebuild their lives. After all, to lose your sense of normal is a scary thing. Although the future is uncertain and intimidating, we want all women to know that they are valued and beautiful. 

(Photo courtesy of World Relief ©Benjamin Edwards)

So today, we’re reminding you to take care of yourself, not just your skin but your heart and your mind too. We welcome you to the pretty lifestyle. She shines brightly. She travels lightly. She dreams courageously. She lives generously. She radiates goodness. She is pretty inside.

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The Prettyinside Difference:

We source premier plant-based ingredients to provide a natural skincare treatment for the natural you

We reinforce the idea of universal beauty and self-worth by contributing a portion of all profits to women refugees through our partnership with World Relief

We are a group of women that seek to support and empower other women

We believe that self-care is a necessity to put your best foot forward

We believe that pretty is a lifestyle, not just an adjective

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